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Anyone else familiar with Dunstan baby language?

A friend gave me the DVD when my first was born and I pulled it out last week to re-watch it. I thought many if not most would find it worth checking out. If you google it there's a YouTube clip from Oprah that goes over the 5 sounds that all babies make.

My 5 week old makes most of the sounds pretty clearly, making it really easy to respond.   


Re: Anyone else familiar with Dunstan baby language?

  • Yes!  I've seen this clip...very cool!  My LO does not make these sounds exactly, but because of this video we were listening for different sounds from the beginning.  He does make distinct sounds for different issues (ie: hungry or wanting to suck on the binky is "Leh" and wet diaper is "eh")!  It's amazing and very helpful!  Except if he goes absolutely hysterical, then he thinks we're not responding and throws all rules out the window, using every "word" he knows just to get our attention!
  • Thanks for bringing this up.  I just went on and ordered this from Amazon.  :-)
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  • I came across the Dunstan baby language system a few days ago and immediately decided to try it out. It works absolutely great with my 10-week old daughter and it's wonderful to finally be able to understand what bothers her when she cries.  I would definitely recommend it. 
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