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Literally DS is not eating

He had roseola and got better and was back to his old self and the very next day, Friday, he got sick again. He threw up and wasn't eating. I figured that he just did feel well and his tummy was sour. Today he ate a little better at breakfast threw up again and now not eating again!

 Anyone experience this? Any foods to try? I'm calling pedi first thing but their office opens at 10 on mondays.

Re: Literally DS is not eating

  • Get him to drink something. Pedialyte, Popsicles, juice, water, anything he'll take.
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  • DS just got over this.  He was basically sick off and on for 6 weeks, including 2 ear infections and a stomach bug.  And we think his reflux has come back.  He basically went on a food strike.  Is he still taking bottles?  See if you can get him to take any other liquids.  DS would only drink milk.  Honestly, there were a couple of days where I knew he was dehydrated, but not to the point of taking him to the ER.  We just kept offering food, and he started eating again little by little, until he realized he wasn't going to get sick anymore.  It took a few days, but it was just one of those things we had to wait out.  If he's not taking bottles though, I would definitely take him in.

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