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When do you fill DC's stocking?

And what will your child get in their stocking?


We fill stockings for St. Nick's day and Celebrate St. Nicholas.  So Carter's stocking will be filled Friday night and he'll get it on Saturday.  We don't fill them on Christmas Eve or Day.

 His stocking will have....

- an apple for the "toe" of the stocking, 2 new Thomas trains, a book, a new 24 piece puzzle, fruit snacks, and new pj's to wear on Christmas Eve.


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Re: When do you fill DC's stocking?

  • I fill her stocking Christmas Eve after she's gone to bed.  I'm not sure what all I'll put in it, but I bought her a couple of coloring books to go in it today.

    I've never heard of St. Nick's Day.
  • DS gets his stocking on Christmas Day. DS will be getting matchbox cars, probably some trains, new sippy cups and other random crap. LOL
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  • Saint Nicholas was born in Turkey and he was a very giving person. He gave to the poor and did good deeds. He was very generous throughout his life and remained true to his faith. He talked about the Christian faith and spread the word. Even when he was hurt for it and defended others as well.

    He often was very secretive when he gave gifts and put coins in the shoes of those that needed help.

    He died on December 6th (or possibly right after), which is now The Feast Day of St. Nicholas. Feast days celebrating the soul of a Saint entering Heaven.

    As tradition you leave either shoes, socks, or a stocking (which is what we use) out for St. Nicholas to fill the night of the 5th. We also go to mass on the 6th and celebrate St. Nicholas.
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  • DD will get her stocking on Christmas Day. I think I'm just going to fill it with bristle blocks (not individually wrapped).
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  • I *think* St Nicholas' Day is a Catholic thing. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
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  • Christmas Eve night they get filled.

    I don't know what all is going in them yet.

    I think I'm going to put a PSP skin in Zachary's and a "Trevor" the traction engine in Alexander's (he lost his in NC in the hotel in July and mentions it at least once a week...my SIL found him another one the other day).  And Christopher will get some more soothie pacifiers and maybe even a mesh feeder (even though I think those things are gross).

  • Christmas Eve.

    This year, DD is getting an angel finger puppet craft set, a small doll, a jump rope, and finger paints.

    DS is getting a puppet so far.  I still have to figure out the rest.

  • It gets filled on Christmas Eve after C has gone to bed for the night.  He'll be getting a Lightning McQueen die cast car, some Cars stickers and tattoos, a small, dated Mickey Mouse from our Disneyland trip this year, possibly a couple of pieces of candy (he almost never gets any), I'll put some Gerber Crunchies into small containers and then it is topped with a stuffed animal from Kay Jeweler (it benefits St Jude Children's Research Hospital and I plan to do this each year).  I may pick up another pad of Color Wonder paper and some markers to go with it as well.
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  • I chose my wedding day to be on the Feast of Saint Nicholas and was a bit disgusted at DS for arriving a day late Wink *joke* I knew about the day and have loads of special memories tied around that day, but never heard of the stocking thing for that day. I wouldn't like to start the tradition either (even though I like it) as I love the Christmas Eve time. Plus, the kids' cousins will start asking for the same and my sisters and brothers won't be impressed!! LOL

    The boys stockings will be filled by Santa fter they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

    We always got a maderin orange, some sweets and a small toy so I guess the boys will be getting that too. (I'll eat Eimhins Sweets!!)


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