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I know its wayyyyyyyyyyy over...

but, I always see references to Ves and a Denali...

I am just dying to know the scoop because it sounds like it was a good one. is there ANYONE who can give me the real quick version just so I can be "in on it"? lol.

Re: I know its wayyyyyyyyyyy over...

  • Someone posted the links to the OPs the other day.  Ask during the daytime and I'll bet someone has them. I wish I could do the story justice for you.  

  • This should help you.  Thank Goodness KittenGator kept them.  :)



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  • She saw some "gang bangers" on her street eyeing her in her new Denali.  She posted in a panic because if they stole her car, they could access her garage and get into her house since there was no lock between her house and garage.  Why her Denali wasn't in the garage I don't know.
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  • I was completely oblivious, myself.

    Thanks for asking for my sake as well.

  • There were so many more great Ves posts.  I hope some are in those links.  You will laugh for awhile!
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  • Someone used her sig pic as their own and she was going to call the FBI
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