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3rd Trimester

I still don't have a glider/rocker - UGH

Can you recommend a good inexpensive one (under 300ish)?

I was going to get one from Target but when I looked at the reviews again, they were pretty mixed.

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Re: I still don't have a glider/rocker - UGH

  • It's not the end of the world if you don't have one.  I know my dd didn't like hers and my friend's baby didn't like his either.  I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  • I think Best Chairs has a few that are in the $300 range, but they will be more with the ottoman. However, I bought the rocker/recliner, so decided not to get the ottoman, and its fine.

    You have to get pricing at a local store though.


  • Mine came from BRU and was pretty cheap, under $200.

    I don't plan to spend that much time in it.  We're keeping the baby in a bassinet in our room until he's a bit bigger.  I also have a twin bed in his nursery that I'll probably stretch out on in the middle of the night.  Otherwise, we've got oversized PB chairs in the living room that are super comfy.

    Anyway, if you're going to be using the glider a lot, maybe check out Craigslist and try to find a nice one for cheap, otherwise just get something cheap to park it on if you're just going to use it every now and then. 

  • The BRU near me has nice ones on clearence for under $300. I found an antique rocker and cleaned it up. $80 for the rocker and supplies.
  • I got an oak shermag glider and ottaman from BRU for 300.



    Sorry I can't get it to link.

  • i sat in one at target, and honestly it was pretty comfy. 

    we also found a much more comfy (and it was cheaper) one at Big Lots for 149 - 169.99 that was a swivel glider with ottomon.  way comfy

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