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Wrapping presents when pregnant...

sucks!  I am so sore and swollen now. Wow, I am so glad DH helped me.  It was killing me to sit on the floor and try to wrap those presents.  Most of the ones I already bought are done.  I just need to wrap Dh's gifts and get a couple more things.  I'll be glad when all the hard work is done, and maybe I can enjoy some of the holidays.

Re: Wrapping presents when pregnant...

  • and there's another reason we are doing gift cards for everyone this year! 
  • I am only getting real presents for DH, baby and nieces/nephew.  Everyone else is getting gift cards or cash.
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  • I set up a card table in my office and started wrapping them on the table while sitting on the bed. I usually do it on the floor but that's just not going to happen.
  • OMG, i wrapped like 10 presents last night and it was god awful!  my belly was SOOO in the way and I was so sore afterwards.  I think i even broke a sweat! LOL!!!!!!!!
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