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3rd Trimester

Please don't flame me

Do you ever feel like you have hiccups in your cooch?  I know it's gross, but sometimes my vag (or maybe right on my cervix) pulses like it's got the hiccups.  It's so uncomfortable feeling.  I know the baby is low and all but....

Re: Please don't flame me

  • LOL.  I feel like maybe i've experienced this...but then again maybe not...I forget.
  • Yup.  I always feel the hiccups really low.  Today DH was feeling her hiccup and even he found it annoying!  Yeah...tell me about it.  lol
  • It probably is the baby! Is that what you mean? I know my baby gets hiccups and its pretty low.
  • I really don't like it. I didn't mind when they were up higher in my belly, it was kind of cute.  This is too much.
  • Oh yeah, this is me about 3-4 times per day.  Very annoying!
  • i just realized the other day that they were hiccups but yes i feel them in the vag area.
  • LMAO!!! Omg, I'm laughing too hard to flame. You have a hicupping va-jay-jay? seriously? that's too weird.
  • What kind of 'physician' uses the word 'va-jay-jay'?

  • I only ever feel them that low.  I think it means they're head down though so it's a good thing :)
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