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Postpartum Depression

High score on Edinburgh quiz for PPD

Hi ladies, I am not sure where to turn so I decided to post here. I gave birth to my son in March (I think my siggy says twins but we lost one at 12 weeks) and haven't been able to snap out of this sad funk I am in. I took the PPD quiz at my 6 week follow up and did not score very well. My OB recommended a therapist thinking I may be at risk for PPD. I never made the appointment hoping these sad feelings would go away but still not able to feel happy or like myself. I am not sad 100% of the time but it is affecting me a lot more than I want to deal with. I also have a two year old daughter and just quit my job to stay home. I feel like quitting was a bad idea but not sure if that is the PPD affecting my head or not. I always wanted to stay home but just not able to enjoy it at all since I am feeling so sad half the time. I don't want this to ruin my Summer and think maybe I should just make the appointment with the therapist. Is this PPD or am I just experiencing normal feelings of having two young children? Please help!

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