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Christian William is here! (And spinal headache anyone?)

Our "Team Green' intuition was right all along!  Christian William was born at 7:39pm on June 12---a big, healthy boy at 8lbs 13oz and 21 inches long. I had actually been scheduled for an induction that evening (41 weeks), but went into natural labor at about 5am that morning. My contractions came fast and strong and, after laboring at home for the morning, we headed to the hospital around 11am. Ended up getting an epidural at 2pm---heaven!!!---and once fully dilated pushed for 30 minutes(ish) at 7pm. He is perfect and we are SO in love with him!

As an aside, did anyone else have a "wet tap" when they got the epidural?  The anesthesiologist punctured something he wasn't supposed to when giving it to me, causing spinal fluid to leak.  I work up with RAGING head/neck pain the next morning---so bad I couldn't stand upright and had to be given Fiorocet every four hours for the next 6 days, along with being basically on full bedrest (laying totally flat) to let it heal.  They did the "blood patch" which is where they essentially do a second epidural and inject blood into the space in attempt to clot the hole (didn't work for me).  Finally, a week after delivery, I was back to normal.  I don't regret the epidural at all, but that side effect really sucked!  Though I was able to eek a third night in the hospital from the ordeal, so that was good:) Curious if anyone else had a similar experience? 



Re: Christian William is here! (And spinal headache anyone?)

  • Youch! Thats terrible about the headache!

    But Im glad everything went well for you as far as labor goes! Congrats!

  • Yes, I had a spinal headache with ds. I kept telling the nurses when I was being discharged that I had a horrible headache and they told me it was from exhaustion and delivery. I went home and still had the headache 4 days later...yep, 4 days, and finally called my doctor and the nurse told me to go to the ER for a blood patch. Ughhh, it was the worst thing ever.  I told my husband that we are not leaving the hospital this time around unless I am absolutely pain and headache free. Sorry you had to go through that.  It is HORRIBLE!


  • Sorry to hear about the headache.  Congrats on your son!
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  • Ugh, that headache does not sound fun. Congrats on little Christian though!

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  • That headache sounds terrible! Sorry you went through that.

    Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! :)

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    Congratulations!  I had different epidural issues but yours sounds terrible!
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  • I also had a spinal headache; it was terrible. The morning after my hospital discharge, I threw up while nursing little one, which was definitely one of those low points in life. I had a blood patch that same afternoon which also didn't work. Fortunately, I realized I could nurse LO lying on my side, which was a lifesaver for roughly the next week until my headache finally went away on its own, 10 days after delivery.

    I'm also not sure I regret getting the epidural, in spite of the headache complication. I had both back labor and pitocin (to speed up my labor since my water had broken very gradually), and on top of that had gotten very little sleep the last two days which made it hard to cope with the contractions. The epidural allowed me to get a much needed 2 hour nap during my labor, during which I progressed from 4 to 9, and be awake and alert when it came time to push. 

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