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So I've just noticed

...that the last 8 or so questions that asked where people could buy things, my answer was "walmart"... in fact, almost every time that is my answer!

Really... I DO shop other places... Embarrassed

Re: So I've just noticed

  • I HATE going to Wal Mart.  (Ours are dirty, not well stocked, and never have enough registers open)  However, I have bought so much stuff at  You can't beat their free site to store shipping, plus their prices are always the best.  We ordered our crib there and people have told me it looks like its from Pottery Barn.  When family members ask what Collin wants for Christmas,  I send them my list of links to!
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  • I agree, shopping at Walmart puts me in a REALLY foul mood.  I can shop online at Walmart all day, but please don't make me go to their store.
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  • The Wal-Marts here in our neck of the woods are great. In fact, we just got a brand new one a few months ago.
  • Yeah - we got one about 6 years ago and it was pretty nice, and we just got another one in the south end with groceries in it - it is pretty nice too. The old one that was torn down was kinda crummy, though.
  • I agree, it seems like Walmart has everything. But I hate shopping there too. The clientele....arghh!.. So pushy, and the store is a mess from everybody dumping everything everywhere. Groceries in the clothes. Clothes in the grocery. Then again....I guess I'm their clientele too...Hmmm...

     The one in our area is now open 24 hours, Whoohoo! So I shop in the middle of the night because that is the only time DS sleeps and I can slip away without having to BF. Plus, I get to be all alone....All By Myself....How I miss my independence sometimes...

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