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to call or not to call

DD was switched from Enfamil Lipil to Similac Neosure because she was not up to her birth weight at 2 week appointment.  This was a week ago.  Since then, she only poops once a day and when she does, it is a big loose runny mess.  And she spends the whole day grunting and moaning with the red face and all, like she is trying to poop.  At her follow up appointment on Wednesday, she passed her birth weight by 8 oz.  She is eating great now, so she will gain weight regardless of what formula she eats.  I kinda want to switch her back to Enfamil cuz she was pooping a lot better on it.  Should I call pedi to discuss this or just switch back to Enfamil?  I don't want to rely on pedi for every little thing for my child, but I don't want there to be any kind of side effects from switching--she didn't have any when we switched before.
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Re: to call or not to call

  • she's sooo little, I would call.
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  • I would call, that's what they are there for. If anything at least you could talk to a nurse maybe. Either way go with your instincts and GL.


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  • it wouldn't hurt to call - the pedi is used to getting a million questions from us (it's her job) and it will hopefully make you feel better as well
  • eh. I would switch and see how she does.
  • wait until the morning and call.  that's what they get paid for, and they are used to new moms with a zillion questions.
  • late to the game, but my pedi told me I could switch formula w/o asking.  It's not like you're worried about her not tolerating it since she's been on it before.
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