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Any medical transcriptionist?

I want to look into doing this, It seams like something I would like to do. I just dont know where to begin? I know I need to get the education but where do I go for it?

Re: Any medical transcriptionist?

  • Someone on the SAHM board was talking about becoming one. Here is the link,

    What kind of jobs do you do while you SAH?

  • my mother is a medical transcriptionist and she works out of the home (she would be too distracted to work from home)  from what I have noticed is that everytime she is at a location they switch to voice activiation and she is laid off, and has to find another hosptial or clinic to work for.  She is fine with this she is turning 65 next year and works for the medical insurance.  They will always need some medical transcriptionist to review what voice activation prints out and to transcribe foreign doctors but I am not sure about long term job security. 

    hope this helps

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  • I  do this. Or at least I did until I went on my 1-year mat leave. I'll go back to it though. I went to a tech-school in my area and took a 1-year program ( I will be working from home when I get back. True, voice activation does decrease the work load, but there will always be some doctors who refuse to use it or who have ESL. And the work done by the machine still has to be proofed (at least in our office) by a transcriptionist. Best bet, get a job at a place that already has voice activation in full swing, less chance of a lay off.

    Good way to find a school that offers this and is reputable, call one of the places you would consider working and ask them. My boss got these calls all the time, and  was happy to tell them. There are about 3 schools in my area that offer the program, they only like to hire from 1 but will take another one, the third they won't touch because it is mostly secretary and receptionist instruction. Find a school that has an actual transcription class and a large amount of medical terminology and anatomy.


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