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I just want to check up and see how you're doing.  I don't know if you remember me, but you visited my blog for awhile.

I haven't been on the message boards much lately so I can't keep track of what's up.  I hope everything is okay and that you had a great Thanksgiving.

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Angel Baby: 5/29/08

Re: **goosesgirlforlife**

  • Steph!  My sweetcheeks!  I was lurking (I like to watch all the bull go down and watch everyone get ungulfed) and saw this!  I've missed you!

    I try not to spend time anywhere near here, (esp GP) but there are ladies here that I love to death.

    How are you?!?!  I'm doing good.  Just working on destressing from TTC and taking a break from everything and just letting nature do its work for a while.  So far, its been really nice.  Had a great Turkey day, shopped my stupid ass off on Friday and now I'm totally done with holiday shopping.   How about you?  I'm gonna send you a PM on here with my email so we can chit chat more!  *runs to blog to read up on the latest happenings*  **HUGS** 

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