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Infant life vests

Do they make life vests small enough for a 2.5 month old? My husband bought an "infant" vest today at the boating store which says 0-30 lbs. but it looks really big. Can anyone recommend a good vest that is really tiny? My LO is almost 12 lbs. I found this one at Target online but can't really tell what size it is from the photo: life vest 


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Re: Infant life vests

  • We have the life vest you linked in that post but just in a different color.

    We put her in it when she was a month old and about 10 pounds.  Here is a link to photos I posted on my blog when she was wearing it.

    It by no means looked comfortable, but it appeared to fit so it would actually work.  She also slept almost the whole time in it. 

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  • Thanks so much! The photos help put it in perspective. I think this one might fit him better than the one DH got...trip to Target tomorrow! :)

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  • We bought one from for only $19.99 plus they always have free shipping.  Fits great!

  • Our Target actually doesn't carry them that small. We got ours at Costco and it is up to 30 pounds :) 

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