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pumping at work

So i'm getting ready to go back to work and hope to pump at work.  It would be awkward to clean the parts at work. has anyone ever used the medela quick wipes to clean the valve,etc..?  Or should i just buy extra parts?

Re: pumping at work

  • I use them and they do a decent job.  I then use a Dr. Brown's bottle brush at night to make sure I clean well in the small parts of the connector piece.  I also have extra parts... so I clean the set I used at the last pump when I'm pumping that next time.  This saves me time.  I EP, so it's worth it to me to have an extra set.  The wipes are kind of expensive, so I try to use 2/day. 
  • When I was pumping I used the wipes and they seemed ok.  You could always put your parts in the fridge (in your cooler pack if you have one or in a separate bag) to keep them until the next use.
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  • I've never used the wipes but do recommend getting a second set of parts.  You never know when you may misplace something and it gives me piece of mind knowing I'm prepared with a second set.  I carry around 2 sets and usually wash one while pumping with the other. Cleaning is my least favorite part about pumping.
  • they also sell steam bags, you can use the microwave.  medela makes them.
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