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Thoughts on Penelope

What do you think about the name Penelope with the nickname Penny? Too old fashioned? Getting too popular? Too cutesy? Or two thumbs up?


Thanks!! :)

Re: Thoughts on Penelope

  • I love it. 
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  • I love it.  I have taught all girls for 10 years and have had only 1 Penelope.  I am not a huge fan of the nickname Penny but really like Penelope.
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  • It's my DH's choice for our hypothetical DD#2.  It's getting too popular for my taste.  But I do like all the nn options (Penny, Poppy, Lola, Nellie, Polly).   

  • Love love love it!
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  • I have a cousin named Penelope and goes by Penny. She's awesome so I'm a fan of the name by what I associate it with :)
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  • I love it but prefer the NN Nell or Nellie. 
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  • It's cute! I like the nn Poppy.
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  • Love Penelope, strongly dislike Penny. Poppy is cute for a young child, maybe a little silly for an adult.
  • I love it!Yes
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  • It's at the top of our list but also dislike Penny.

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  • Johnny Carson killed this name for me for ever.  I was a little kid when I watched him do a bit about how silly the name Penelope is.  During the bit, he mentioned that it looks like it should be pronounced the same way as ENVELOPE.  To this day, all I can think of is a pronunciation akin to envelope! LOL

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  • Love the name, and love the nn Poppy.  It doesn't sound good with our last name, or that's what we would be naming this baby.
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  • I want to like it but it's NMS :/ Love Penny though...
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  • Penelope is very pretty. Penny is cute, but too juvenile for me to want her to use it once she goes to school.
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  • I hate this name big time. Sorry.

    It gets a lot of love on here, but I just don't understand it.

    It is recognizable and spelled right, so there's nothing wrong with it, it's just definitely not for me.


    It's on our short list for future babies...I really like all the common nicknames for it too: Poppy, Penny, Nell/Nellie.

    Cute and classic. Yes

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  • This is our name for a girl if that's what this LO is :)


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  • I like Penelope, but dislike the nn Penny

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  • Thank you everyone for your input! Funny enough, I didn't like it at all the first time I heard has grown on me.  I never thought of the nn Poppy - that is cute.
  • Love (see signature below)!  Especially with the nn Penny.  I've only met one young Penelope and she didn't have a nn.  I only wish my DH would be on board with it.

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  • AWESOME name!! Best ever for a girl (I say as I'm rocking my Penelope to sleep).

    Mine has a lot of nns, none of them Penny. She's primarily Lola or Peep. Sometimes she's Peenalope. :) The many nicknaming options were a big factor in our decision. DH and I both go by nns. GL! 

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