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What do you think of the timing...I am at work right now and got a +OPK.  I got 1 yesterday but DH is out of town until tomorrow morning.  Do you think the +OPK means that I have not O'ed yet?  Do I still have a chance this cycle?  I also have all other signs pointing to O such as watery/EWCM and O pains/discomfort since Saturday morning.  (We BD'ed last on Fri morning.)

Re: Timing?

  • + opk means 12-48 hours you can O. You will not have a + after you O and cm will be really thick usually. Girlfriend you need to go and jump DH on your lunch hour or have him come to work and use the break room it is time. Friday might put you out of your window. Get busy girl!!!
  • Thanks for the advice.  He will be home first thing in the morning so hopefully we'll get the chance.  I work in the NICU so I can't get away even if he was home and could sneak in.  I really hope we didn't miss our window this month!

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