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Gagging and spitting up while sleeping?

I was holding DD today while she was sleeping, and she started gagging then spit up. It just looked like normal spit up, and she was on her back (I obviously quickly turned her). Does this sound normal? I plan to call the pedi tomorrow to make sure, but wanted to know if anyone else's dc has done this. She's not a big spitter-upper, but does occasionally...

Re: Gagging and spitting up while sleeping?

  • DD did this. Pediatrician recommended getting the angelcare monitor and letting her sleep on her stomach.  It was b/c of reflux. 

    He said if we were afraid to let her sleep on her tummy to give her the gas drops at every feeding and then let her remain sitting up for 15 minutes after she ate.  

    We chose to let her sleep on her tummy at 3 weeks old.  She could lift and turn her head and we bought the monitor.  She is much better now, but will still spit up if we put her down too soon after eating (bc she will roll to her back now)

  • Logan would do this too. When he's napping in his bouncy seat during the day I see him gag a little bit from time to time. My pedi said as long as he's getting it up and out of his mouth that it is a normal reflex. She said watch to make sure he isn't choking (duh) for a minute or something. It was normal for us. But it did scare the bejeebes out of me the first few times. I think he might be a little reflux-y too, but he is diagnosed or any thing. Hope that helps.
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