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Pregnant after IF

May I join all of you? :) (Question, too!)

Hi everyone :) I'm Breanna, and used to be a regular on both TTGP and 3T. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2008 and have had really irregular cycles for the past 4 years of my life.

My husband and I had been TTC for nearly two years when I decided to see an RE this past fall. In December, an HSG revealed two 100% blocked fallopian tubes. We were told we could either choose surgery or go straight to IVF.

I decided I'd like to try the surgery first, since it was covered by our insurance, and after a Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy on February 28th of this RE was able to unblock both of my tubes!

I never dreamed that I would get pregnant so quickly after surgery...we weren't even officially trying. (I had been charting and using OPKs for a year.) Low and behold, I got my first positive test EVER on April 1, 2012! :)

I am now 16w4d along and so thankful for our little miracle! :)

I hope that it's okay to post here...if it isn't okay, please let me know and I will most definitely honor that request.

I did have a question, that I thought some of you may be able to help me out with. Obviously my laparoscopy incision was through my belly button. After the surgery, it healed nicely! I had no trouble whatsoever.

The past week or so though, my belly button has begun to bleed and ooze a sticky smells awful (TMI, so sorry) and I'm wondering why all of a sudden it seems as though perhaps my incision is reopening?

Could it be from my belly starting to grow and stretch that is causing my incision to become irritated/reopen?

Any advice?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I'm excited to hopefully get to know all of you!


08.2008 | Diagnosed with PCOS
11.2011 | First appointment with RE
12.2011 | HSG reveals 100% blockages in both tubes
02.2012 | Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy to unblock tubes...success!

{ BFP # 1 | April 1, 2012 }
Jonah Alexander is here! Born 12.07.12 @ 39w3d

{ BFP # 2 | May 22, 2013 }
Chemical Pregnancy :(

{ BFP # 3 | February 12, 2014 }
So far, so good! We love you, little peanut!

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Re: May I join all of you? :) (Question, too!)

  • Welcome to the board, and congratulation on your BFP!

    I had a lap almost one year before my success with IVF, so my belly button scar is quite well healed, so I have not experienced what you are having. It sounds like your incision is getting irritated by the stretching, and may be something to have your Dr. look at. As you are saying that it smells bad, I would be worried about an infection. Infections can be bad news when pregnant, so I would not wait around too long to have it looked at.

     I am convinced that my lap scar in my belly button is keeping my belly button as an innie even at 37 weeks. It has basically become a really small squished in innie, and is pretty funny looking to me. 

    IVF #1 ET 1 d3 embryo 10/30/11 BFP
    3 Embryos frozen (1 d5, 2 d6)

    DS born 07/29/12

    FET #1 ET 1 d5 embryo 02/10/15 BFN

    FET #2 1 d6 embryo didn't survive thaw, transferred last d6. CP :(

  • Congrats & welcome!! 

    If the discharge from the scar smells funny you should see a dr. ASAP. It could be an infection. Gl! 

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    IUI # 5 ~ 09/28/11, # 6 ~ 11/23/11, & # 7~ 12/17/12~ 112.5 iu Gonal F, 250 mg Ovidrel = BFN<BR>
    12/14/11 ~ IVF consult <BR> IVF #1 ~ 02/15/12 BCP, 02/29/12 10 units Lupron, 3/9/12 Baseline, <BR> 03/09/12 stimms 250 iu Gonal F, 5 units Lupron ~ 03/20/12 ER = 5 eggs ~ 03/23/12 ET = One-4BF transfered~ Beta # 1 04/04/12 = 134 ~ Beta # 2 04/06/12 = 283 ~ Beta # 3 04/09/12 = 906<BR>
    Due date 12/08/12 :-)<BR> Born 12/15/12 :)

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  • Pnut30Pnut30
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    Congrats and welcome!

    I had a lap in 3/2010 to remove a bunch of nasty dermoids. Since mine was so long ago I have not had any problems from my growing tummy... However, I had an infection right after the surgery and it sounds a lot like you are describing. Luckily it was caught at my surgery follow up with my Dr. and was able to be treated with topical ointments.  I would definitely check with your Dr. as soon as you can.

    Me: 32 DH: 36
    TTC since 3/2010
    Dx: Azoospermia in 3/2011
    All b/w, U/S, genetic testing normal, biopsy in 5/2011 confirmed production problem
    successful mTESE in 11/11!
    IVF#1 ER 3/27 5dt of 1 blast 4/1
    Beta 1 on 4/16: 1017!!!
    baby boy due 12/17/12
    He is here! December 27, 2012
  • Hi Breanna! It's so great to see you here!!! Congrats again :)

    I have no experience with lap scars, but I would definitely see your doctor as soon as possible since it is oozing and has an odor.

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    IVF #1 w/ ICSI + PGS: Lupron/Follistim/Menopur
    ER 4/13 - 19R, 13F, 4 PGS tested embryos, 1 normal
    5/14 FET: BFP. Beta #1: 123, Beta #2: 327, Beta #3: 854
    Cora arrived 1/23/15 via RCS!
  • Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I also had a lap but I did get an infection in my belly button (I was not pg anywhere near my surgery). It took forever and a day to heal and I have a gnarly scar. I would probably go to a walk-in clinic this weekend. Infections (this is what it sounds like to me) and pregnancy aren't anything to mess around with!

    I hope it is nothing serious and that you heal quickly!

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    IF Dx: Endo, hetero MTHFR mutation, poor morphology
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    #1 IVF/ICSI 4/2/12 = 2 x 7-cell and 1 x 5-cell transferred (3dt) = BFP!!
    H was born at 41w2d on 12/29/12 - be still my heart!
    #2 IVF/ICSI 1/19/14 = 2 x 8 cells transferred (3dt) = BFP!! EDD 10/09/14
    M&W born at 37 weeks on 9/18/14 - I am the momma of 3 boys!!!

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  • Thank you so much for all of your advice! I unfortunately cannot get a hold of my OB until Monday I will call first thing then! In the meantime, I'm keeping it super clean with rubbing alcohol, Bactine spray, and neosporin!

    It's just weird because at my post-op appointment everything looked great! Let's hope it can clear up quickly! :)

    You are all so sweet, and I thank you for the warm welcomes! <3


    08.2008 | Diagnosed with PCOS
    11.2011 | First appointment with RE
    12.2011 | HSG reveals 100% blockages in both tubes
    02.2012 | Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy to unblock tubes...success!

    { BFP # 1 | April 1, 2012 }
    Jonah Alexander is here! Born 12.07.12 @ 39w3d

    { BFP # 2 | May 22, 2013 }
    Chemical Pregnancy :(

    { BFP # 3 | February 12, 2014 }
    So far, so good! We love you, little peanut!

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  • Welcome and congrats!
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    Me: 36 DH: 40
    DH dx azoospermia My dx: RA & AMA
    d-IUI's--6/10, 7/13 & 8/4: all BFN
    d-IVF#1--Lupron/Menopur/Bravelle/Novarel; mini-dose protocol
    ER: 10/25--18R; 14F; ET: 10/28--3dt of 2 embies; 3 blasts frozen
    + HPT 11/4; Beta #1--14dp3dt: 441; Beta #2--21dp3dt: 9298
    One beautiful jelly bean growing! Saw h/b on 11/28 and 12/5!!!
    P/SAIF welcome
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  • Not sure about the belly button thing.  Just wanted to say welcome and congrats!
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  • Congrats and welcome

    I had a Lap in October and got pg 2 cycles later.  My incision never oozed or anything, so I def think you should get it check out!

    ~after 34 cycles we finally got our 2nd little bundle of joy~
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  • Welcome and congrats. 
    TTC since 10/2008  RE consult 6/2010 Dx:Unexplaied IF

    Failed multiple cycles of Clomid+TI and Clomid+IUI

    3/2011 inj+IUI #1 BFP. 4/2011 missed m/c. 

    Fall 2011 inj+IUI #2&3 BFN

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  • Welcome and congrats!! Glad to see you here!!
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    TTC Since Oct 2009.

    12/10 DX-Annovulation.

    SA 2/11 - all is good.

    HSG 4/11 - right tube 100% blocked.

    LAP 5/16/11 to repair twisted tube.

    clomid 50mg - no response

    Femara 2.5mg - no response

    IUI#1/2 Oct/Nov '11 Femara + Ovidrel = BFN's

    IVF #1 ....BFN

    FET 3/21 = BFP!! 1st Beta 4/2...929! ITS TWINS!!
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  • TJ1979TJ1979
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    Congrats and welcome!
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    IUI#3 Femara/Ovidrel (cd 3-7) = BFP!
    beta #1 11/23 = 270, P4 = 75
    beta #2 11/28 = 2055
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