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Stool color?

What color are your LO stools?  My daughter is 6 weeks old and is formula fed.  Her stools were yellow and seedy looking, but lately they have been a greenish brown color.  I didn't think anything of it until recently.  She has had some vomiting, but we have tried a new bottle to help avoid gas and it seems to be helping so far (fingers crossed).  Anyone else with greenish brown stools or should they still be yellow?  Just wondering if this is something I should call the doctor about.  TIA!

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  • Dd is 5 weeks and they are yellow and seedy. But she is ebf so maybe formula moms have more advice. My gut is its probably fine as long as lo is having normal feedings and frequent diapers

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  • We're green here all the way.  Apparently, it's common with Similiac babies (possibly other formulas too) because of the iron they contain.
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  • My LO is FF, and her stools are mostly green, and like thick peanut butter. My pedi said green or brown is fine, and so is that consistency. She said the colors that are bad are black, red or white. Her poo also went from brown mustardy looking, to green when we went from similac to enfamil. 
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  • Thanks ladies - I feel much better!
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