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How soon before you ventured out?

... To a social gathering and what were your reasons for waiting or going?

My recovery has gone great, and DS is very chill and a good eater. DH thinks we're fine to go to a BBQ here and there, but I'm not sure yet.  

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Re: How soon before you ventured out?

  • I think it's more about your comfort level. I would say be prepared to leave early if you need to and I'm sure ppl will understand that. Given your LO is so young, I'd also be vigilant about other ppl holding him. I went to a wedding out of state when DD was almost 2 weeks old, and I just had a "no holding" policy (esp with all the people who had been traveling). I said I was sorry, but she was so young and no one had a problem. 

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  • I ventured out to a social gathering when my LO was about 2 or 3 weeks old.  It was a pool party/bbq.  Obvioualy I didn't swim but I was able to get out of the house with my H and introduce the baby to some people who hadn't met him yet.

    I was more confident to take this LO sooner than my first.  But my first was also born in December so it was too cold anyway.

    I think you should be fine.  Like PP said, just be prepared to leave early or miss out on stuff going on to take care of baby.

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  • Went to visit all the in-laws at 1 week. Then we had to go out of town for a whole day at 2 weeks. He was also in stores/restaurants/around people since 1 week. He's fine and healthy and is great in social settings.
  • On the way home from the hosp we took a detour to my mom's house since she couldn't visit at the hospital - though I really don't count that.

    We came home on a Sunday and the following Saturday we went out to breakfast and stopped in Marshall's for a short shopping trip.  Since then we've really been living life as we did before.  Going to DD's story times, the mall...  Today we went to the local amusement park for a couple hours.  

    Not only was I stir crazy, but we can't live couped up with a 21 month old around.  And making her wait until dad comes home to leave the house isn't fair.

  • ..I did a playdate with both kids after a doc appt at 4 days PP.  It was my best friends house and there was no pressure to look great or stay for X amount of time.  It is just whatever you are comfy with.
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  • 3 days PP (and I had a C/S). We went to a cook out with family, and there was no pressure to stay. I also had a quiet place that DD and I could escape to. After bein on bed rest for 5 wks and being stuck in a hospital room for days, I was ready to get out and move, and I felt comfortable with DD being around my family. It was all the same people who visited us in the hospital anyways.
  • With DD we waited maybe 4-6 weeks but kept it to outdoor places and we typically kept her covered. However, she was born in Sept and that was when bird flu was everywhere so we had a bit more reason to be paranoid. We did take her to a wedding reception at 7 weeks but kept her covered for the most part. 

    With DS, I think we will do our best to also wait 4 weeks or so before taking him to crowded places, specifically indoor places like crowded restaurants. My philosophy is that the world is germy and the longer we can keep him healthy and specifically away from viruses like RSV the better. He is EBF like DD was, too.

    I don't know, I guess I'm lucky that DH is self-employed so this summer he purposely slowed down his schedule to help take DD to her toddler activities. 

    Also, I think you should just wait until YOU are comfortable. Don't let anyone pressure you one way or the other and don't feel obligated to stay anywhere longer than you want.  It's really all about what you feel ok with.

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  • We were out and about by week 2....I have a 3 YO and outings are a must for all of our sanity!!!!  Just try to wear that baby in a sling or wrap to discourage too much touching from others.  AND keep baby out of the extreme heat....they cannot regulate their body temp at this point.
  • We took her to a family birthday party at a restaurant at 1 week. She slept the whole time.

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  • I know i'm in the minority here, but DD is 2 months old and just started taking her to restaurants, etc. We have been visiting my parents summer house, so we get out that way. We just spend alot of time outdoors with my other DS's. My DS's bring home enough germs from friends/preschool/school so i'm not worried about DD not being exposed to enough. She just got over her first cold, compliments of my DS's. Once she gets her shots next week, i'll venture out a little more with her. I am very concerned of whooping cough however, and if people in my family haven't had the shot, they aren't allowed to hold her. If they hate me, oh well. It's not their kid.
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  • Target/walmart shopping first week. Out to restaurants second week. And pretty much just allowed him to be part of our normal lives from the get go. 

    I don't believe in being a shut in and neither has any pedi I know or am neighbors with. 

    With #2 my #1 is exposed to a lot of germs with his preschool and play dates with kids in daycare. Baby will be exposed to more inside our home than out. 

    No big deal  

  • We were going out to eat at 1 week. When DS hit 3 weeks he came down with a fever that spiked at 103, that was just last weekend and we ended up at Children's hospital for the weekend. Now we are a little more cautious. I feel bad for older DS, but I'm not chancing story hour and going to other crowded indoor places. The doctor at the hospital even said to avoid parks for awhile which we thought were safe. I'll probably wait a coue more weeks before we really start venturing out. Until then it's family and friend's homes only. Yeah, I'm going stir crazy but there is nothing worse than a sick newborn.
  • I was at Target 4 days PP and out to lunch with a friend at 5 days, taking a short hike 8 days and at a BBQ at 10 days. I don't let anyone but family hold him yet though and keep him in the sling to prevent him from getting overstimulated and it discourages touching. I also could only last 2-4 hours before ending up really tired and needing to go home. I'm just now feeling like I have any real amount of stamina to be out for a long time so friends had to get used to us going home early from activities.

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  • We waited until after the shots for the official venturing out.  Doctors appts were neccessary sooner of course and the newborn photos were done at a photo studio the second week.  My hubs is an ER doc and the lumbar puncture that they do if the newborn spikes a temperature was enough to keep us from taking her out.  I will say by ourselves we did get away a few times (TJ Maxx trip, bday party, movie) which kept my sanity!
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