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Anyone else have no schedule?

I keep reading about peoples schedules and everyone keeps telling me they are scheduling stuff at a certain time so they don't throw off DDs schedule.  DD doesn't have a schedule.  She wakes up when she wakes up.  She eats when she's hungry.  For the most part she naps when she is tired and wakes up when she's done.  She gets solids when she acts interested in them.  She goes to bed when she acts really tired.  99% of the time, she is a very happy baby and we do not have to rush home or adjust anything so DD is on schedule.  Are we the only ones without a set schedule?
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Re: Anyone else have no schedule?

  • We have a strict schedule for night and a go-with-the-flow schedule for day.  When I say "strict" I don't mean we're strict about it, I mean she is. lol

    Every baby is different.  Sounds like you've got a mellow girl. 

  • The only thing we have set is bed time.... but even that can be pushed back a little without too much fuss.
  • our only schedule is lunch around 12 and dinner around 5:30, bath right after.

    DS usually goes to bed between 6:30=8:00

     That's about as scheduled as we get.  He has a tendency to nap around 10 but he could fall asleep at 8 or 11, just depends.

  • no schedule here...we work off DD cues...not a clock :)
  • nope, you're not the only one;  DD doesn't have a schedule either and she's a super happy baby.  I'm a SAHM so it doesn't matter to me if she's up late or goes to bed early (last night she went to bed at 7:30;  it's 9:15p right now and she's still up). 
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  • We have a loose schedule for her solids and bottles.  The bottles are more duration driven (second about 4 hours after the first, etc).  the solids we just pick "set" times for to make sure we try to give her enough.  Naptimes are whenever DD gets tired.  Today she took 4 naps (extremely unusual), sometimes she only takes 1.  We start her bedtime routine at 7 so she's generally in bed around 8, but we'll push that up or back a little if she seems to need it that way.  DD has always been pretty laid back and very happy, so I never felt the need to schedule her too much.  The bottle "schedule" is just based on getting her a bottle a little before she would otherwise turn fussy.  I guess we're on her schedule ;)
  • no schedule for us.  none at all.
  • We have no schedule either. DS has things he tends to do at certain times but we just go with the flow. I follow whatever schedule he sets for himself.
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  • We have no schedule either. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I try to give her lunch and dinner at the same time and I can roughly predict when she'll nap, but I let her dictate the "schedule."
  • Joseph has only one scheduly thing. Bedtime is between 8-8:30. Not because we picked that. Because he's a freaking bear if he goes to bed any later than that. For some reason, the later he goes to bed, the earlier he gets up. Weird.
  • You are not alone!!!  DS is 1 1/2 and has now set his own "schedule".  Until around 12 months, we just followed his cues.  It worked great for us and we will do the same for any other children we have, as long as they work best that way :)  I think each day differs for babies and some days they have more energy and others they don't.  That's the main reason we didn't enforce one.  I also SAH so we are able to be flexible.  If I worked a 9-5, I might have a different opinion, but I don't know.   

    DS doesn't get grumpy and meltdown when he's tired.  He rubs his eyes and wants to hug and cuddle.  We just looked for his signals and went with it.  Around 12 months, DS started sttn and going to bed around 8 every night, waking at 7 and eating and napping at very consistent times.  The begining of sttn really helped.  I love that I know when I'll get to have some "scheduled" time to do work, but even before the schedule, I found the time.  It was just more random!  We just let DS figure out what worked best for him, and he has.   

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