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Anyone not BF?

I have POF (Premature Ovarian Failure -- DD was concieved using a Donor Egg) and as a result I can't BF (no prolactin). I did produce colostrum which was great and I'm now (day 7) feeling a bit engorged (they did say I would get a small supply). Anyhoo - just wondering if you're not BF (by choice or otherwise) and milk did come in, what did you do to manage it? Did it just dry up on it's own? Did you do the cabbage leaf thing? I'm not anticipating this going on much longer but just in case.



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Re: Anyone not BF?

  • I'm FFing. I was able to BF for about 3 weeks and then my supply just dried up. I tried a bunch of stuff to get it back up but I lost it completely. So were on formula now. 

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  • I got really engorged and I hope you dont! It hurts, bad. I dont know if this happens to everybody, but I had an epic hormone crash. My PP bleeding also increased quite a bit.

     I tried the cabbage leaves... eh. I dont know what the exact purpose they serve, but it didnt seem to help anything. I was also told by a LC to take sudafed. That did help tremendously.

    I wore a really stretchy bra and a big tight ace bandage. Compression and the sudafed helped me the most. The engorgement lasted a few days. I just wanted them wrapped tight and nothing touching them.

  • Thank you! I'll have to try the sudafed. I have a fairly snug non-underwire bra that is keeping them compressed. They really aren't that big but it's still uncomfortable. Thanks for the advice!


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    I'm not BF.  I pumped for 5 weeks, but my supply was never really there.  It's weird that I never got engorged and I kept waiting for my milk to "come in".  I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I hope you are feeling better soon.
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  • Im not breastfeeding anymore either. Way to stressful on me and with my post eclampsia etc. Plus i never got much anyway. I pumped for 20min every 3hours for the 3weeks and still only got 1oz total every to help with the engorgement etc i just figured supply and demand rule. Even if your getting just the colustrum try pumping shorter times over longer lengths of time like every 6hours for 10min then 8 hours for 8-5min etc. And due the sudafed etc. I was dried up within 3days with no engorgement just doing the pumping part.
  • When my milk came, I did not let the hot water hit my breasts in the shower and I wore I very supportive bra. The lactation consultant I spoke to also suggested the cabbage leaves but I didn't try that.


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  • I'm not...I had planned to but my milk never got passed a small trace amount no matter how much she tried to feed. I think it is the meds I take...and I can't switch or not take them. So we're FF.
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  • try sudafed, works great I hear. 
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