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My two week old almost always has hiccups after eating.  I burp her, so I'm not sure what the problem is.  She also had hiccups a lot in utero.  It seems to upset her.  Wondering if there is anything I can do about it / if this is cause for concern...

Re: Hiccups?

  • Babies get hiccups after eating because their tiny stomachs are very full and pushing up on the diaphragm. Gripe water can help, but I don't believe you can give it as frequently as a baby feeds.
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  • We have the same issue. The Pediatrician told us yesterday it's reflux. He said that they typically grow out of it though...
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  • Gripe water. It's like magic. No need to add it to the bottles (although you can). We just give the infant dose straight from the medicine dropper and it has always worked to immediately get rid of hiccups. I think you can only do six doses per day though, so I would wait until the hiccups are really bothering her to give it.

    LO's hiccups have gotten a lot better over the weeks. We are almost 12 weeks old and hardly ever get hiccups anymore. Good luck!

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  • Our pedi said that they're a perfectly normal thing and should go away around 3 months. Sometimes feeding DD a little more helps (not immediately, but faster than just waiting it out).
  • Our pedi said they aren't an issue unless they are more than 10 times a day lasting for more than 10 minutes. If they are more than that, it can be a symptom of a reflux problem.

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