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Fisher Price Jumperoo question...

If you have the fisher price jumperoo and the rainforest swing - do they both play the same music?  We are deciding b/t the Baby Einstein Music and Motion Jumper and the Fisher Price Jumperoo - and we already have the fisher price swing.  Thinking about shaking things up a bit with the baby einstein...TIA!

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  • I have EVERYTHING rainforest and they all play the same song...some just a different version but all the same. We bought the cowboy fisher price jumperoo just for something different...I hum rainforest music all day long so I needed a change
  • They play different music, but it kind of sounds the same. The Jumperoo literally makes "boing boing" bouncing noises :) and doesn't play longer songs like the swing...just snippets of high-energy music to stimulate baby.

     We love the Rainforest Jumperoo for our baby, but it was spendy! If you've considered the Fisher Price "Cowboy" Galloping Fun Jumperoo at all, I just posted a deal on how you can get on for $35 on!

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  • To me they all start to blend together and sound the same after awhile. It makes really fun animal sounds when baby bounces around.  All I know is that my DS loves it and it buys me some time to get a few things done without baby on the hip.  What we did was go to BRU and had our DS try out all the jumpers and we bought the one that he was most interested in.  We actually bought ours off of craigslist practically half-price in new condition and just sanitized the heck out of it. 
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