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Does you 7 week old...

Does you seven week old have an unpredictable eating pattern?  My LO always eats 4-6oz for his first a.m. bottle but after that it is always a gamble.  Anywhere from one ounce snacks back to 4oz bottles.  He always has good wet diapers and is gaining plenty of weight, so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen?   Also, I'm a FTM and know this may sound silly but after tummy time, and some singing and cuddling how do you entertain between naps?  DS isn't content to just be in his swing or bouncy seat?  Thanks!
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Re: Does you 7 week old...

  • I bf so I can't say ounces how much lo eats. But sometimes he will have long nursing sessions and other times only a few minute snacks. I think that is normal. In between naps once he is done with the swing or bouncy seat (which only takes a few minutes usually) we do tummy time or I put him in the moby wrap so I can get chores done. I play with him on the activity mat. Go for walks. Or just sit outside and let him look around.  

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  • I BF so I'm not too sure how much LO eats. Her sessions vary from 10 mins to 45 mins, and sometimes she just comfort nurses. 

    Sometimes I don't know what to do with LO either. Many times I find myself pacing around the house because DD needs constant motion. I also like to on some music and sing/dance along. Anything that keeps her from crying! 

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  • *Lurking to bring back memories*

    DS was consistent in 4 oz every 2 hours but I wouldn't worry about snacks then good feeds if he has wet dipes and good weight gain. I do understand the worries tho.

    DS liked to sit in his vibraty chair and look around. He wasn't big on tummy time and 1year+ down the road he's well developed. We snuggled alot and just hung out in our vibraty chair. There's only so much you can do to entertain. GL 


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  • Try to wear your baby with a sling or wrap....and talk with him while your are doing stuff around the house.  They love to see the world from where you are!!

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