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Gassy baby

We have been battleing gas and constipation for about 2 weeks. We wound up giving her a little Karo in her bottle and it got the constipation cleared up a few days ago, but she is SO gassy and uncomfortable. We have tried gripe water and gas drops on different days. She has been on Enfamil Enfacare since she was a bit premature, and in the last week (per doctors order) alternating bottle between that and Gentlease with no change. Anyone else experience this, and have any advise?
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Re: Gassy baby

  • Make sure you burp her a lot, try every 5 minutes. Have you switched bottles? We noticed that L burped faster on Dr Browns as opposed to the playtex drop ins. Colic calm (another type of gripe water) works real good for gas too. Also google and watch the colic massage video. I do this multiple times a day with L. I also put gas drops in every single bottle.  Hope she feels better soon! 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • We switched to Similac Sensitive and our LO was a different baby in 3 days!!
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  • We had a similar issue with our 3 week old and switched to the Similac Sensitive and it works wonders. I will never use Enfamil again.
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    We switched to Similac Sensitive and our LO was a different baby in 3 days!!


    I agree. We switched from Enfamil to Similac Sensitive for Fussiness and Gas and my daughter has never been happier! She can still be a little gassy sometimes, but doesn't seem to be in pain like she was before. 

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