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Does your LO take a "Soothie" pacifier?

I like the Wubbanub and wanted to try it with this baby.  However, LO never took a Soothie, always took an Avent pacifier.  If your LO takes a Soothie - does it stay in their mouth?  My LO always seemed to spit it out/have a hard time sucking it.

THanks for sharing!

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Re: Does your LO take a "Soothie" pacifier?

  • mmm.. she never really seemed like a big fan of the soothie we got from the hospital (they charged us $30 bucks for it!!), but we started using Nuks when we got home.
  • We have one but DS hates it. He will spit it out, refuse to suck so it falls out, or clamp his lips together when I offer it. He isn't a big pacifier fan period but will take the Nuk with no problems.

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  • Mine won't hardly take any brand, but IF he does feel like sucking he will only take his soothie that has his wabbanub froggie attatched and occasionally a NUK for a few minutes.
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  • Most babies cannot keep the pacifiers in their mouths until they are a few months old according to my peditrician.

    My daughter has a fat tongue and a hard time keeping anything in. She has a hard time latching on while bfing, a hard time with the bottles and paci. The doctor actually encouraged us to use a binky to train her tongue to stay down. It has worked but lately she has the urge to suck more and the damn thing is always falling out which just causes her to be frustrated.

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  • She prefers her WubbaNub to the others we tried (Gumdrop). 
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  • DD will only take a paci when she knows it's time to sleep and her Soothie is the only one she'll take that doesn't cause her to nurse funny...she will spit it out a lot but when she starts to nod off she keeps it in until she's out completely.
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  • DS only takes Soothies, and he has to be in the mood for it. It does fall out quite a bit, but he's getting better at keeping it in.
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  • My LO loves the Soothie.  He can't keep it in his mouth for very long, but I think that would happen with any paci at this age.  And I have two WubbaNubs (the frog and the dog), and I LOVE them.  It's much harder to lose the paci when there's a small stuffed animal attached!
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  • L loves her soothie! I have not even tried any others. I think it stays in her mouth good, when she wants it to lol. 

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  • This is the only paci that our LO takes. They gave him this while he was in the NICU and we haven't tried anything else.
  • DD is not a big fan of pacifiers but when she wants one, the soothie is the only one she takes. I've been thinking about ordering a wubbanub too.
  • DD only takes Soothies. The problem is they have to be actively sucked on to stay in place, which can cause drama if she's half asleep and lets it fall,  Wubbanubs are a godsend.  Watching her hold the animals is too sweet (elephant & giraffe here)

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  • Nope, soothies suck. They do not stay in at all. We liked NUKs with DD but DS liked soothies even though they never stayed in. One good thing was DS never got to where he NEEDED his paci but I still prefer NUKs.
  • DS does not like the soothie he likes mam pacifiers

    i just bought a paci plushie to hook to the mam

  • Soothie is the only paci our little one will take.
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  • DS loves his soothies. He'll take the NUK brand but spits them out constantly because he's not really a fan. I'm thinking about getting some Wubbanubs too.
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  • Soothies were way to big and not shaped to the mouth for our daughter.  She liked nuks at first then she loved mam pacis.
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