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Baby hickey. No, I'm totally serious.

It's taken me a while to get around to my first post-partum post, but this one I had to share. I'm an EBF mommy who caters 24/7 to this 25 day old milk truck and I swear she'll suck on anything EXCEPT a pacifier between feedings to soothe herself. This means my DH's shoulder or the corner of a blanket or even her own knuckles. Yep. Knuckles. Not thumb(s) or finger(s). Knuckles. Last night I picked her up when she woke up from a snooze and found a weird little round bruise on her forearm and could not for the life of me figure out what it was. Naturally, I started to freak out thinking I needed to get it checked out and I didn't know how I was going to explain that my baby has a bruise I have no knowledge about when I watched her put her arm in her mouth and start sucking...

 She had given herself a hickey.


Just thought I'd share new mommy humor with you ladies this afternoon :) 

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Re: Baby hickey. No, I'm totally serious.

  • HAHA. funny you brought this up.... my LO LOVES to suck on everything and one night when he was about a week old he gave my husband a surprise hickey on his neck. lol
  • My lo sucks her arms and knuckles also, sometimes I think she's trying to fit her whole fist in her mouth.  lol.  she has given herself hickeys before too.
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  • Ha ha, love it!

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  • funny you should post this tonight because just a few hours ago my little one gave me a baby hickey!!! i could not believe it, it happened so fast-a few moments before she had pulled off the boob and was just kind of hanging out relaxing on the "breast" friend pillow-i started looking at my phone when i realized she was sucking again but not where she should be. at 1st i started laughing when i saw what she was doing until i pulled her off and saw the mark she left!!! 
  • Haha!  She must have been sucking hard :)

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  • lol
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  • LOL! Just the title of this post made me laugh!!
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  • So funny!   My LO refuses a pacifier as well, but sucks on his hands like they are made of candy!
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  • lol I just visited my 4 weeks old nephew and he had one in his arm...Babies are so cute!
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