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Duel military families please come in

I would like your input. DH and I are both AF, and we would both like to be buried in a national cemetery. I would love to be buried next to him, but I know that's not going to happen I just don't like the idea of our kids coming to our graves and having to trek all over to visit.  Have you and your S/O discussed final resting places?
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Re: Duel military families please come in

  • We have but we both want to be buried in Texas.  My grandpa is in a national cemetary and when my grandma died they buried her on top of him (thats how they do it with spouses)...but she died when I was in boot camp a few years ago so idk what the grave stone says...but maybe yall could do something like that
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  • DH and I have discussed it, though we're not duel military. He doesn't really care where he's buried, but my whole family (both sides) is in the same cemetery in NY, so since he doesn't care I decided that we will both be buried there. 

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  • Neither of us has a preference to be buried in a national ceremony.  He doesn't care what happens to his body, so if I survive him, I will likely cremate him.  If he survives me, I want to be cremated, if not, I want a green burial.  
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  • DH wants to be buried in Guam where he was born and raised in their cemetery for veterens. I want to be with him and actually am in the process of researching if I too am "allowed" to be buried there since I am not FROM there.

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  • My DH and I are both active duty in the Coast Guard and have decided that we both want to be cremated and have our ashes spread over the ocean where we spend so much time away from each other. This way we will truly be together forever. I know it may sound silly but oh well.
  • During our post-deployment briefings (4 between the two of us), the VA rep stated every time that we would be buried in the same plot.

    We are eligible to be buried in Arlington, however.  As big as that cemetery is, though, I'm not sure if being buried together can be guaranteed

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