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Grrr..poop interfering with STTN

DD has never slept through the night.  She'll sleep 9 hours, wake for a bottle, and sleep for another 3 hours.  Not too bad, except that bottle is usually around 3 am.  I was just starting to feel comfortable with trying to wean her off that bottle (she was a preemie and we've been working on weight gain) but in the past few weeks, each time I've gone in there for her bottle I've changed her and she's pooped.  How on earth do you wean that?  I can't not change her.  I wonder if I keep changing her and still try to wean her off the bottle, she'll stop pooping at that time?

Anyone else dealt with this?  It's not something I've ever thought of as being a potential problem with STTN...


Re: Grrr..poop interfering with STTN

  • According to your numbers, she's going to bed at 6 p.m. What time does she eat dinner? Maybe you just need to keep her up an hour or so later. I know if I feed Joseph, he's good for a poop within an hour. Usually less. Perhaps tracking how long it takes her will let you find a better bed time that would work out for both of you.
  • DD just started doing the same thing. She would sleep from 8 pm to 8 am. Now since we started solids, she has been waking at 6:30, due to a poopy diaper! Stinks, but what can yah do. When yah gotta go, yah gotta go.
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  • DD's bedtime is between 6 and 6:30.  Unfortunately she has to get up to go to my mom's around 6 am and she needs those 12 hours.  So, we can't really put her to bed later.  Trust me, we've tried, but that's her bedtime...
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