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Vent: choosing a name is hard

I have been through this already one time but this time has been so much harder!  I want to choose a name that is not too out there but not popular.  I keep looking st name sights thinking the perfect name will pop out but so far I haven't found any one name that suits my taste/my husband's taste.  Ugh!  Anyone else feeling frustrated?  Any advice/websites/books you recommend?  Have done nymbler, babynamewizard, random google searches.  

Thanks for letting me vent! 

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Re: Vent: choosing a name is hard

  • Have you tried behind the name? 
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  • Nameberry is a good website. I'd also suggest looking at your & your DH's family trees for names. Even if you go back just a few generations you can come across a lot of different names.

    As far as books go, it's likely that your library has a selection of name books that you can borrow without spending the money to buy them.

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  • What's your DD's name (if you don't mind sharing it that is)? Some people may have similar naming styles and may offer up some choices you'd like that you may not have thought of. 
  • We are having a hard time too. Finding the perfect name is a challenge!
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  • We are having a hard time, too.  Last time we were team green and we had a boy name picked out from the get go because it was a family name.  We agreed pretty early on a girl name for DD, too.  I'm expecting #2, and we still have the same boy name this time around, but DH doesn't like ANY of the girl names I do, and his ideas are so random- like BAD.  It's been difficult! 
  • DD is Charlotte.  We have many family members that have the name Charles so we thought it was a nice way to honor them without using the name Charles as it is my brother's name.  He wants to use Charles down the road.

    So, here we are with no boy name!  My grandmother's maiden name is Everett which I like in theory but am not sold on.  We are of Welsh heritage so I was looking for something with a Welsh root but nothing I love.

    Thanks for the advice! 

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  • For what it's worth... I LOVE Everett, and I think Charlotte and Everett would make a really great sib set. I think Everett Michael, Everett Oliver, or Everett Jonathan are all really strong names.

    With Charlotte I also think these would pair well:


















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