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We Picked A Name!

But I have a feeling you ladies will hate it but I don't care! We love it and picking a boy's name was hard this time around. Oh, we found out we're having a boy today actually!

We have chosen the name Talon for this little one. DS is Amari. We wanted a name that was unique but not too out there. I have heard of a few boys named Talon, but not a lot. The MN is Paul after DH's father. So Talon Paul is our name. :] 

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Re: We Picked A Name!

  • I have a nephew named Tallen Ryan..............nms, but he is a cutie!
  • Congratulations on choosing, and on another son!

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  • Congrats on a little boy! I love Paul! Talon reminds me of an eagle and Laguna Beach, but it isn't horrible.

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  • NMS, but congrats on choosing a name. That is always a huge battle!

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  • Love Paul. Congrats

  • ObLaDiObLaDi member
    Congrats on choosing and on your son!
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  • I actually like it! It can be a little brutal on this board at times can't it? That's why I'm not sharing my name on here. But congrats on deciding!
  • I love your confidence in owning it!

    I could see a little boy owning that name! Congrats!

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  • Congrats on deciding!
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  • Talon is NMS, but there's a little boy at our church named Talon and he's adorable. Smile
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  • congrats on deciding.
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  • Congrats on deciding.
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  • We actually like Talon. It is one of my husband's top picks. My only problem with it is that out last name starts with a T, so I am not sure it sound great together with our last name.

    I must say, Paul is a great choice for a middle name too. It is my grandfather and father's first name, and my brother's middle name. We would have considered it for a middle name as well, but we are using a family name from my husband's family for this baby. If we have a second boy, his middle name could very possibly be Paul :)

    Congrats on deciding! We totally can't come to an "official decision"...

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  • NMS at all...all I can think is sharp bird claw. Glad you found something you like though.
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  • My husband is named Talan, spelled with an A.  So, I am partial to it :) Great choice.

  • I went to middle school with a boy named Talon...he was Native American.  I think it goes well with Amari.

    I think Talon Paul sounds ok, it's kind of hard pairing such a unique name with such a plain name, but it has meaning, so that makes it better than it would be otherwise. 

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  • I've always loved the name Talon!! It was a name I brought up while pregnant with DS but DH thought I was crazy = but what does he know! =)
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  • I love it! Congrats!


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