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What is this new 'clingy-ness?'

DD will be 6 weeks old on Wednesday. She has been staying awake longer during the day, but still has an odd sleep pattern (her longer stretches of sleep are typically from 3am-noon).  For the past few days, after being up for a long time, she only wants to sleep on someone, not in her bassinet or car seat or swing. 

Any suggestions? She was fine sleeping in the bassinet, and now, she wants nothing to do with it.  I tried rocking her, walking, bouncing, feeding, singing, reading to and bathing her. Nothing worked. She is currently passed out in the car seat, after about 3+ hours of trying to get her to sleep.  She fell asleep on DH and he moved her to the car seat.  

On the upside, she is asleep at 11pm.  :-)  I am exhausted, I apologize if this is rambling and confusing. She has just seemed to only want to sleep if she's on someone and if you put her down, she screams and cries.  


Re: What is this new 'clingy-ness?'

  • DS is doing the same thing, (btw he will be 6 weeks on Wed as well). He was a premie though and I am just not sure he is on any sort of schedule and I think I am trying to hard to get him on one so I have kinda just let him do whatever.

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