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I was lurking on third tri because I am bored, and I found this gem that they posted from first tri.




  • I see "LARP" and I immediately think of Walt Whitman. So I still have no f-ing idea what it is (and I'm not sure I really want to know).
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  • LARP = Live Action Role Playing

  • hahaha the only reason I know what LARP is is because DH is a huge D&D addict. We don't LARP though, just play on boards. =D


  • I have to give her credit for posting a question on first tri that is much better than the standard "I ate luchmeat.  Did I kill my fetus".  I had no idea what larping is, so I have learned something tonight.  I can't imagine having to say "Damn, I am pregnant, so no more larping for me"   I got a good giggle.
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