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Any big plans for the upcoming weekend?

I am going to the inlaws for their towns celebration in Kentucky! They do fireworks and music and food the last weekend in June instead of the 4th. This will be my first time to attend so I am super excited!

Re: Any big plans for the upcoming weekend?

  • I am going to try to get my BUTCH back and do home improvement projects ... my dad was here and he inspired me.  I will put up a fence so CHIHUAHUA does not escape ( just chicken wire on our fence he can fit through the slats )I will also fix a drawer in the bathroom which will require me to pull the drill out ... POWERTOOLS!

    I also need to fix the latch on dryer door which warranty just expired on and now door just likes to pop open 

    then get mini van smoged

    we will also go to a pool party with our LGBT group and do a early 4th thing there. 


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  • Nothing huge... I took Monday and Tuesday off of work since the 4th is on a Wednesday so I get a 5 day mini vacation.   My parents are back from CA so we are meeting them for dinner tomorrow.  It will be the first time I have seen my mom since we found out about the LO on the way.  Then this weekend we are just relaxing and have some time to ourselves.
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  • Tonight L is out. She has training about a hour and a half from our house and so will be going out to dinner to allow the traffic to die down before heading home. The kids and I are going to have a low key night and I plan to have them in bed early since they have been so worn out from camp.

    Tomorrow I need to take the van to get the tires checked out. I may take the kids with me or they might go to the gym with L and go to childcare during her water aerobics class. L's parents are getting into town around lunch time, so we will have lunch with them and then I am taking the kids to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Joy. For some reason, L's parents hate to eat at our house (they think it is too much trouble...) and so we'll probably go out for dinner.

    Sunday morning we are taking the kids to see Brave. I might go into the casino with L's parents while L hangs with the kids. I promised the kids I would take them to our neighborhood pool. 

    It is supposed to be crazy hot here this weekend. I am not looking forward to it. Boo.

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