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I am really having a hard time...

I have been a sahm for the last month and have loved every minute of it!  I am starting my new job this week though.... I know that with both of us working we will be able to provide more in the long run for our dd, but I am still really sad.   DD will be going to a new babysitter....  I am really afraid that she is going to cry the whole time because she has been really clingy the past week or two...  We've gone over there once for her to play and she does ok as long as i'm in the room....  I hate starting w/ a new babysitter.... A guy that works w/ my dh recommended her, so that makes me feel a little better....  I'm still really nervous though...  I feel like i've just going back from maternity leave again.  This is horrible!

Re: I am really having a hard time...

  • It is so hard at first.  I cried when summer vacation was over.  It'll take a week or two and then yall will be adjusted.  Sorry you are dealing with this (((Hugs)))
  • I would have a hard time too, but at least you have gotten to be home with DD for the past 9 months. Some people don't even get that. Let us know how she does tomorrow.
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