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My midwife just told me that I should have a pediatrician picked out in the next 4 weeks and I have no idea where to even start.  For those of you at JBLM or who have been here, do you have any recommendations?  Any advice on how to go about picking one out?  Thanks!
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Re: JBLM Pediatrician

  • Keppler all the way! The selfish in me doesnt want to say because she is always booked out so far in advance! lol ;) i wish i had someone give me advice when i first saw the pedi's there... we've seen some not so nice ones before. Boo! But keppler is just the sweetest lady =)
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  • I've seen so many Pedis and Family Practice Dr.s at MAMC it's ridiculous. I have a really good Dr. for DS, but she is ALWAYS booked whenever I need an appt, so I have to find someone else. Will you at MAMC or Okubo? I can tell you at Okubo don't see Dr. Fioretti, she knows nothing about babies. Dr. McNulty is good, but always booked.  At MAMC Family Practice, I've seen Dr. Reese, Dr. Bell, Dr. Edwards, Dr. Kim and Dr. Campbell and they've all been good. In Pediatrics, I had the worst Dr. ever and now I can't even think of her name. It's one that no one can pronounce and sounds Eastern European. She is terrible. But Dr. De la Cruz (first name Vera I think) is wonderful. Hope that helps!
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