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Stupid BH question...

how many BH's are too many.  I've been having a ton since about 5:30pm.  I drank two huge glasses of water and have been laying down and they still seem to be pretty frequent.  Any other suggestions?  They aren't painfull, just annoying.

Re: Stupid BH question...

  • I was always told more than 4 an hour is too many.
  • My OB told me if they're timeable or more than 5 in an hour.  Sometimes lying down actually makes me have them so maybe if you get up and sit or something they will go away.
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  • My midwife said call after 6. I've had as many as one every 3 minutes.

    My midwife suggested taking a bath, which helps tremendously. Drink even more water than that too. Drink like a glass every 15-30 minutes. Mine would calm down immediately in the bath and within about an hour after drinking a ton of water.

  • Ugh.  lol  I suppose I'll be up to pee 5 times tonight.  But if that makes them go's worth it.  I'll try the bath too.  Thanks.
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