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Well, I'm still here...

Packing to potentially evacuate.   It's a remote chance, but not impossible after what happened here yesterday afternoon.

The fire erupted into a firestorm that blew straight into NW Colorado Springs neighborhoods.  More than 26,000 people evacuated in short order.  Brings the total to 32K.    Acreage jumped from 6K acres burned to 15K... that's 24 square miles.  Unknown number of homes and businesses are lost.

The thing that really got to me.. one of the best local landmarks/tourist sites burned to the ground.  So many families enjoyed going to Flying W Ranch for 60 years and it's just gone.

Weather today is not going to be good.. highs in the 90s, windy and swirling.   I won't post pictures, mostly because the good ones are not mine to post.  But the local ABC station has lots.   www.krdo.com

Keep my city in your thoughts/prayers/juju, etc

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Re: Well, I'm still here...

  • You keep you and Mr. C safe.
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  • That's heartbreaking. How do you pack to leave, and what do you choose to leave behind?? Those poor people that have already lost everything, that's painful. Good vibe, juju and T&P's headed your way and for everyone else down there. I hope the firefighters get the break they need to get control of the fire.

    This happened north of here last year in Slave Lake, they lost most of the town. Our new neighbors are from there, they couldn't go back. So devestating.

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  • T&Ps headed your direction.  I can't even begin to image how you would decide what to pack and what to leave.  Stay safe!!!
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  • Loads of thoughts and prayers for you that everything will go well ...



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  • mwdmwd member
    keep your family safe, and pack your hard drive with  all of your family pics. 
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  • I can't even imagine this.... keeping you and your area in my thoughts and prayers.
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  • T&P. Stay safe and try not to stress out too much!
  • BB, I hope you won't need to evacuate. I can immagine how much it sucks. Yeah, what do you leave behind?

    Thinking of you and praying for rain. Lots and lots of rain!!! 

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