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Would you dress your son in this??

MIL is into all the fancy smocked clothing for baby boys & girls.  I don't mind it at all for girls, but it is not my style for boys.  SOOO after telling her that I already had a Christmas outfit for DS (khaki cords & a red sweater), she brings the outfit in siggy over to my house.  On top of this, she tells me that she wants his Christmas pictures taken in the outfit.  I dressed him in it today for a quick photo shoot - I am def. not paying for pictures of him wearing this.  Hopefully she will be happy with these pics. 

I'm sure I will have to dress him in it for her family's Christmas get together, but that is all.  

Do you think he looks like a girl??

Re: Would you dress your son in this??

  • it's a cute outfit, but definitely looks like a girl. he's still adorable though!Smile
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  • Personally NMS at all.  Sort of looks like a girl IMO but then again, I don't see the entire outfit.  Dress him in what you want for pics.  If she wants pics of him in that outfit she can pay for it - or just do what you did.  As for dressing him up in the outfit, your call.  It would probably just be easier to dress him up in that outfit for her gathering to avoid any questions from her and IMO a one time event family gathering like that isn't something I'd get crazy angry about (you could always bring a change of clothes, and during a diaper change you can change him and say he had a blow out).
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  • that's not even my style for a girl. i don't go for anything frilly, ever.
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  • Holy crappola!  Sorry for the run on sentence!
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  • You could spill something on it.  Like ink or red wine.


  • It does kind of look like a girl's outfit in the picture, but it could be because I can't see the pants.  Your son is so so cute!
  • DH is mad at me for even taking pictures of him wearing it.  I hate it too!!  The problem is that I know she paid a lot of money for it, so she expects me to dress him in it.

    I'm definitely not going to fight over an outfit at Christmas time, but I do like the blow out idea. 

    During his pictures today, I kept praying that he would spit up on it or something that way I'd be able to say well he ruined it, but at least we got a good pic.


  • It's Strasburg Children, isn't it? Fantastically expensive. I love their girls clothes, but I agree, NMS for boys. Joseph's baptism outfit came from them, and I got him one adorable corduroy jumper, but everything else was way too girly.

    I don't think this necessarily makes him look like a girl. But I love the idea of the sweater outfit you described.

    If she wants to spend that kind of money, let her. But I'd let her set up the photo session if she wants that in it. My mom picked out Joseph's Christmas outfit because she was getting pictures of him and my sister's three kids together in matching (but not identical) outfits. And she paid for the pics and the clothes.

  • Some smocked clothing for boys can be cute but that one is a little too girly.     

  • Yikes!  An "accident" with a bottle of bleach is in order.
  • OK thanks for your opinions.  I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that thought it was a girly outfit.  Maybe I'll just tell MIL that the ladies on the nest told me that I should not dress DS in the outfit.  I definitely am telling her to NEVER buy DS this kind of outfit again!!!  :)

    I'm taking the picture off my siggy now because I hate it so much!!


  • jib - that is exactly what DH suggested!!
  • he looks like a girl in the outfit. If I hadn't known, I would have thought he was a girl. NMS at all!?

    I think your plan sounds fine, and if dh is pissed about it, let him discuss it with his mom...

    I too like the change of clothes idea.

    My MIL dressed up Dh as a sailor for the first 3 christmases of his life, I had to contain myself when she showed me the pictures. ?

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