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DD refusing bottle

Anyone else having issues with DC wanting their bottles or dropping feedings? We have been having major issues getting DD to finish her bottles lately. She plays with them, bites the nipple to fill her mouth with milk and spit the milk everywhere, laugh, smile...everything but eat. She has basically dropped a feeding which concerns me some because she was only taking 24 total ozs to begin with. Anyone else have these problem? Any advice?

She also has stopped STTN. SHe was recentlyl realyl sick and that is when this all starts (bad cold)

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Re: DD refusing bottle

  • mine seems like she's eating less all of a sudden... she hasn't been sick though... I have her 6 mo appt this week so I'm going to talk to the doc about it.
  • My DD did the same thing right around the same time!!  She is now almost nine months and is only getting around 24 ozs again.  She eats three eight ounce bottles.  At 6 months there were some days where she would only eat 16 ozs, and the doctor said as long as she was still growing and nothing else was wrong to not stress about it, and that when she was hungry she would eat!  Try switching to a faster nipple, sometimes they get to a point where the bottle is not coming fast enough and they lose interest! 
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