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nbr- need a yummy cookie recipe for exchange

I am not a baker at all, but my playgroup is having a cookie exchange and I have to bake 8 dozen cookies for Wed.  Does anyone have a fool proof yummy recipe that I could use? I don't think I have made 8 dozen cookies in my life let alone for one day, yikes.

Re: nbr- need a yummy cookie recipe for exchange

  • im in the same situation for next week!

    check out the top 20 on allrecipes. (btw - i made the ginger cookies and they weren't that great)


  • My no fail chocolate chip cookies

    3/4cup melted butter

    1cup brown sugar

    1/2 cup white sugar

    *mix together first 3 ingredients

    add 1/2 tsp salt

    1/2 tsp baking soda

    1tbsp vanilla

    1 egg

    1 egg YOLK,

    2 cups flour

    add chocolate chips

    * I have also added carmel bits, tofee pieces, marshmellows, pretzels pieces, peppermint pieces, etc

    bake at 350 for 8-10min

    You can double this reciepe, but I wouldn't do more than double it, since the larger the batch the less likely they turn out right


  • I just want to save this!! 
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  • My sister is SUCH a bad cook, but she loves to try and make cookies. I found this recipe for her and it's just assembly line, and tastes so much better than the sum of its parts!

    Mint Crispies

    It's just Ritz Crackers, a can of vanilla frosting, a few drops of mint extract, green food coloring, and chocolate or white chocolate for dipping.

    Make little pairs of crackers on your cookie sheet or cutting board. You can do them right out of the package if you want, but I think doing it this way makes it easier, and you can see how many you've got going.

    Put the frosting in a bowl. Add mint extract and beat in. Go a couple drops at a time until you have it as minty as you like. I like mine with just a few drops, but my sister would keep pouring it in until it tastes like Scope. Then add a couple drops of green food coloring and stir until it's one uniform color.

    Frost one cracker, top with the other, until all your pairs are done. Let them sit for about 30 minutes to set.

    Take chocolate (or white chocolate) chips or the little almond blocks of candy coating, or the candy melting wafers. Melt over double boiler or in microwave, whichever you feel more comfortable with. For a bag of chips, I add about 1 T. vegetable oil or Crisco. NOT BUTTER OR MARGARINE!!! Very important. Butter and margarine contain water and will make your chocolate "seize" and get grainy and gross.

    You can either dip the whole cookie in the chocolate, or par-dip it. Sometimes I'll just dip half the cookie, or I'll spread the chocolate like frosting on the top, or take a pastry bag and fill it with chocolate and drizzle it all over the cookies sitting on the sheet. (The last is the fastest, but also the messiest and wastes the most chocolate.)

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