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ok last blog ? for the night!! promise!

how do you get the My Blog clicky inside your siggy?

Re: ok last blog ? for the night!! promise!

  • This is the one I have on my siggy minus the *

    <*a href="http://tinyurl.com/6eyrmc">Blog</a*>

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  • <a href="web address here" target=_new">My Blog</a>


    put in your web address and the copy and paste into your profile! 



  • You need some pics Pink! We want to see your face!
  • Go to tiny url and make your URL then plug in your URl #s into this where it says to put your numbers

    <a href="http://tinyurl.com/NUMBERS HERE">My Blog</a> and then put that in the siggy portion of your profile

  • Yay, it works :] I'm adding you to my Blog list if you don't mind.
  • pink - my DH makes fun of my blogging as well...I also teach 1st graders but I just teach reading. look forward to reading your blog!!
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