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Intro and a question

hi everyone!

My DD is 3 and a half, she was born with a big purple birthmark (hemangioma) on her nose. She was on medication from age 1-2 and it has gone away a lot on its own, but she needs to have surgery to correct the rest. Boston Childrens Hospital has been handeling all of her appointments, and they want her to have surgery before she turns 4, in October.

I Just found out today that our insurance denied the coverage, but we can try to appeal it. Have any of you had luck with an insurance appeal? We have been told since she was about 6 months old that she would need surgery, and Im just in shock that they denied it. Any help anyone may have would be great! Im 8 months pregnant and a hormonal mess right now! TIA

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Re: Intro and a question

  • Have you called and ask WHY the insurance denied it?

    Sometimes it's just a matter of missing paperwork.

    I went to the ER twice in January with a stomach virus and they denied both claims as emergency visits.  I appealed with the statement of receiving IV fluids and medication for severe dehydration while 20weeks pregnant.  They revoked their decision and adjusted the claim to show it as emergency services and I will be refunded the amount I paid in coinsurance.

    If they denied it as "not medically necessary" etc you can work with a case manager (just request one from the insurance company) or you can work with the doctor's office. 

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