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AW - new christmas siggy....and need help too!

Olivia took so many good christmas pics today, that I couldn't post just one!  Now, How can i get them side by side instead of up and down like they are.  I didn't put a break inbetween them......

Re: AW - new christmas siggy....and need help too!

  • She is so cute!  It's going to be hard to decide which one to use for a Christmas card! 

    For the siggy pics - I usually upload on and use the thumbnail size.  Then in my sig, I post the url and don't put a space between the separate urls.  If you're not putting a break between them, then I don't know what else to suggest!

  • I dont know how to fix the pics, but she is just adorable. I love the dress!
  • the pics look great.
  • Thank you!!!!  I wasn't putting a break, but I did have a space between them! ! thanks for the help!!
  • They are adorable!!!!!
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  • Those are just too cute!
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