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Hi there, so how is pregnant life treating ya?  How has your husband been reacting to this new found journey you both are going through? Feel free to answer in multiple posts!!

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  • Pregnant life is good! ?It's a little strange because I'm having very few symptoms at this point. ?The only thing that makes me think I'm pregnant?(besides the 7 HPTs that I've taken), is my incredibly sore boobs!
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  • I'm taking you up on the multiple posts response suggestion! ?image

    ?DH has ben handling it very well! ?We went to the hospital today for a tour because I am considering changing dr.'s and we wanted to tour the facility that the new dr. delivers in. ?It was fantastic! ?Private rooms, WiFi, room service that serves filet mignon, etc.!!?

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  • We've shared the news with my parents and I think we're going to tell the rest of our immediate families over Christmas. ?The plan is to have our wedding videographer (we just got married in July) add a screen at the end of our montage that announces the news and we'll show it to them on Christmas Eve. ?I can't wait! ?It was so much fun telling my parents with the Specials menu, so I can't wait to share the news with everyone else!!

    Good luck to you in getting a Christmas BFP!! ??

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  • I love the idea of adding something to the end of your video that is a great idea!!  have you thought of any names as of yet?
  • Oh yes! ?The boy's name is a given because DH is Greek and in the Greek culture the first-born boy is named after the paternal Grandfather. ?Therefore, if we have a son, he will be Sam __________ (my maiden name will be his middle name). ?For a girl, I would like to name her after my late grandmother and DH's mother - Marcella Maria - and call her Ella. ?However, DH isn't sold on it because "ella" means "come here" in Greek. ?We've agreed not to discuss girl names anymore unless we find out we're having a girl!
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  • beautiful names. thats cute that you agree to disagree until the time comes that you need a name.

    My husband and I argue all the time but I told him. I will be naming the child, he can cut the cord.

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