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Another induction question...

So I officially have an induction date set for Friday at 2 pm...while I'm SO excited to meet our LO I'm a little nervous and frustrated that things haven't "started" on their own (I'm 2 cm and 75% effaced). Anyone have any good advice or want to share a successfully induction story to calm my nerves a bit...

Thanks in advance! 

I should also add that they have decided to induce me because he is quite big and would like me to be able to deliver naturally (as would I) over risking having to have a c-section.  


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Re: Another induction question...

  • i will start my induction tonight......fingers crossed if everything goes well i will post a positive induction story before friday ..may be u can ask in 0to3 month board.
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  • I had a good induction, just a bad reaction to the epi.

    We made it through really slow progress, bp drops, and decels (probably all from the epi). The staff had me rest for an hour when I was complete to open up. I really think that helped. 1h15mins of pushing wasnt bad especially since my baby was almost 9 lbs and Im a FTM 

    Good luck!

  • I just had a successful induction and I went in at 1-2 cm, about 50 % effaced.  I had cervidil for a few hours, then pitocin was started.  My son was born 4 hours after pit was started. It was very fast and an easy delivery. 
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  • I had a fantastic induction experience... I went in at 2 cm dilated 90% effaced; they started me on a drug similar to Cervadil, and expected it to take 12 hours and then they would start me on pitocin in the morning. Instead, my contractions started within 15 minutes. I never needed the pitocin (or any pain meds, actually... I don't know your plan, but if you want to go drug-free you still absolutely can), and I had my baby in 7 1/2 hours.
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