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I haven't been on much lately- but I'll be taking an extended break from thebump. 

We're entering a TTC break for 3-4 months per the doctor. I think it'll just be better for me to not be on here, during this time. We will not be preventing, and they have increased my metformin but no more fertility meds.

This journey has been a rollar coaster, and I'm hoping to reclaim alittle of my own life and heart during this time.

And most importantly enjoy time with my little guy!!!!

Blessed with 2 amazing little boys. One grew in my tummy and the other my heart.

06/30/10 my 1st son was born on my birthday. 
TTC #2 since 05/2011 BFP- Feb 2012, EDD- 11/01/12, m/c- 03/05/12 @ 5w+4d 
12/20/13 my 2nd son was born and placed in my arms.
Surprise BFP- Nov 2014, EDD- 8/06/215, mc 12/24/2015 @ 8w+6d
SURPRISE - BFP- 4/8/2105

Re: Break

  • yunk11yunk11 member
    Best of luck during your break. I hope it brings you some peace! 
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  • Good Luck to you!
    After many years and tears our baby boy is finally here
    Born 11-6-10

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  • Best wishes for some healing during your break!  

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