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Back to CD 1 for me

So I am fairly certain that I am back on CD 1, the cramps are usually pretty telling.  Called the RE's office and they want me to take the letrozole again and I guess hope for a normal cycle this next month.

 Come to think of it maybe this is my body's way of correcting itself after my last long cycle.  I checked and the two cycles (long and short) put together make up two more normal 28 day cycles.

Positive thoughts - at least I am not having to try to do an IUI while DH has such an inflexible schedule this week.  I get to try it again right 2ww.  Hope I get a very positive opk and peak on my CBFM.  I also bought a box of the smiley face opk's.  Going to use all three and hope that I have a definitive surge that we can take advantage of and do our first IUI.

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DD conceived after 3 years of ttc.
MFI - DH had varicocele repair and took Clomid to get DD b. 02/2010

TTC #2 since 6/2010
10/2012 DH diagnosed with Epilepsy
A few failed IUIs summer 2012 and 2013. 
DH taking clomid and waiting to see if he needs another vericocele repair. 
Hoping for a 2015 baby or babies. 
Wishing, hoping, waiting.

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Re: Back to CD 1 for me

  • Positive thoughts go out to you for a new, fresh start!  Sounds like it would have been very hard to do IUI with your DH's work schedule anyway.  I bought the smiley face OPK's too....FYI: I've noticed the smiley face opk's have lines just like other OPKs.  If you really want to obsess;), you can look at the lines and watch as your surge goes up/down before putting them into the cartridge, as the smiley face will only appear when there is a definitive, absolute positive and my RE's office wants patients to call when a second line appears on an OPK, whether it's positive or not. If that makes any sense.  Anyway, good luck! 
    TTC #2 for 18 months RE for 7 months progesterone=BFN/ clomid=BFN/ IUI#1 with clomid =BFN laparoscopy-Diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis. IUI#2 letrozole/follistim #2 due 3/23/2013
  • I'm in the same boat as you, AF will probably arrive sometime today or tomorrow.  I'm trying to stay positive but you are doing a much better job than I am.  I think for the next cycle I am going to try and take clomid on CD4 instead of CD3 and I also made an appointment for acupuncture so we will see about that as well.  Good luck to you for your next cycle!
    IUI#1= DD born 1.5.2011
    IUI #4 BFP EDD 5.5.2012 m/c 10/1/2012
    Surprise! BFP 12/4/12 EDD 8/8/2012
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  • I do the same thing as mrs25 and look at the stick on the smiley face opk's. They get darker as it gets closer to the surge for me.

    Hoping that this month will work out well for you!

    TTC#2 since December 2010. HSG and bloodwork all good. SA results not so good. Unmedicated IUI#1 6/19/2012 - BFN
  • I only took Letrozole once and that was the only cycle I didn't ovulate.  It also made my cycle a lot longer than normal so I went back to Chlomid shortly after.
    DD conceived naturally in 2009.  TTC #2 since August 2010.  Praying for guidance as we decide what's next.

    When the world says, "Give up,"

    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

     ~Author Unknown

  • So sorry!  I stopped using the CBEFM after I started meds, the manual says it may not work correctly on medicated cycles.  Since starting IUI's my dr's office reccomends using the smiley face OPK's and they have always been spot on with my monitoring appointments. 
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